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Design is thinking made visual

Bring your ideas to life.

Concept & Strategy

Before bringing the How or What into picture, Burning Light puts the Why in focus. Your clients is also curious to the real story behind your unique idea and product. Sometimes you entice them with something big and compelling, and sometimes you do so by being playful and modest. Offline and Online

Film & Animation

Through the art of animation we can bring anything to life. Through the magic of film we can chronicle the life and work of your ideas. Experience and empathy ensure that people don’t freeze up infront of the camera. Eventually there will be an edit with a sharp and skilled eye. Ensuring that the audience is entertained and informed.

Web & Interaction

What we think of, we make. Adapative and responsive websites, webshops and print. You name it we do it. Burning Light stands for logical interaction, catchy content and smooth technology. On mobile, desktop or stand-alone. What matters is that it engages the visitor.

2D & 3D Visualisation

Burning Light makes visuals that inform, convince and sell. Productpresentation for all branches can be visualised in 3D by us. Sometimes 2D is the better choice. Cartoons and infographics are a large area of expertise for us.

Passion & Talent

See what drives us.

We help professionals seduce their client or target demographic. With fresh ideas, exciting products and logical interaction we make sure we get attention, provide experience and spark conversion. De broad range and skill of our advisors and various creative teams ensure that something special always happens.

So what makes that combination of creativity, technical ingenuity and entrepeneurship? The people that work at Burning Light wanna make our history and future visually appealing through their love of design.

Here at Burning Light we create our own opportunities. The Best ideas aren’t always happening from nine to five. They happen any time. After work or in different places. “Would you look at that!” or “How can we make this possible?”. It’s all in the joy of creating.


Film & Video
Webdesign, SEO & Hosting
PR & Marketing
A taste of what is possible

Images speak more than a thousand words in media. That’s why you should definitely check out some of our designs and projects.

Many happy clients came before you

Burning Light heeft ons geweldig op weg geholpen met de rebranding en styling van ons bedrijf. Onze toekomstige projecten en drukwerken zullen wij ook zeker laten verzorgen door Burning Light Media Solutions

Refai AfuzEigenaar - Riviera Design

We’re extremely happy with the completely new coorporate branding Burning Light made for us.
Much fresher and streamlined and a lot more approachable for our target audience

Carlo Leenheer
Carlo LeenheerEigenaar - Auto & Interieur
SlenderYou Enzo
Umai Lama
Koninklijke DSM NV
Riviera Design
DJ Cassus
Universele Levensenergie
Next Level Gaming
Grillroom De Blauwe Fiets
Sportcafe De Fluit