We help professionals by enticing their client or target-demographic. With smart ideas, catchy productions and logical interactions we cause attention, experience and interest.
The diversity and drive of our adivsors and creative teams make certain that something amazing will happen.

Burning Light Media Solutions offers, as the name implies,  digital solutions to make your message ever so clear and help you reach your commercial goals. We achieve this by combining our knowledge and experience with the newest technilogical capabilities of the times. With our own team of specialist Burning Light always offers fitting advice and solutions tailored to fit with a no-nonsense mentality.

Observing the wishes and markets Burning Light works together with their clients to streamline the functionality, appearance and tone-of-voice of the product or service and will follow up to produce these in the best way possible. Among such are responsive websites, webshops, apps, newsletters, photo- and videopresentations and animations, but also the rolout there of, by means of advice of writing good fiting texts, google analytics, Google AdWords and Social Media.

Alongside our digital services we also offer design and print services where we design your brand, logo, businesscard, businesspaper and other design and dtp-processes.
We also offer support for single presentations and yearly fairs and marketing actions.

Burning Light stands for Swiftness, Engagement, Accountability and Flexibility.

Concept & Strategy
The Image, inception and interaction with the crowd are an essential part of any good corporate strategy. Before any strategy can be rolled out to success you have to come up with it first. In the way of crystal clear concept. The Rational way.

Our conceptteam consists of experienced strategists and marketeers of a businessmodel generation. To translate the strategy to an enticing image and interaction they want to fully understand the context of your organisation

No Less important with conceptdevelopment is the fearlessness of our creatives. They will point out the newest ways to translate your plans, often being able to visualize it for you on the spot.

We don’t only use the tried and true models, but we also race on our strong business-etiquette. Vision is less changing than strategy.

Convincing the client, investor or the organisation of new ideas can be tricky. In Burning Light you’ll find a critcal soundboard and a partner fueled with integrity and creative understanding to create a convincing playing field.

Film & Animation
A story doesn't jump of the screan by itself. The context and the public decide the format of your message and the needed disciplines.

Youtube is being used more often voor visual presentations of products and processes. Understandable, because visuals are convincing, clear and manage to keep the attention longer. The crew of Burning Light combines Motion Graphics and 3d animation with film aided by fitting music, voice-overs and text. Video-Editing is the core of film-making. Sound in big part decides the experience

Onze interactiedesigners en -ontwikkelaars bieden:

  • Een sterk conceptteam, gericht op de optimale oplossing
  • Ruime ervaring met technisch complexe vraagstukken
  • Creatieve front-enders die state of the art applicaties ontwikkelen
  • 3D specialisten die producties verrijken met oogstrelende content
  • Innovatief vermogen. Dit hebben zij laten zien met configurators, augmented reality apps en leap motion bestuurde applicaties.
Web & Interaction
Brandrecognition gets stronger when websites and applications work logically and intuitivly. Burning Light combines intelligent techniques with attractive user interfaces.

We saw browsers come and go and many open-source platforms fizzle away. Burning Light has seen wars between Netscape and explorer and the search for the ideal search engine. In Flash we made beautiful things but found a better way. The only thing that matters is ease of use of the user. This rings true for websites, apps and augmented reality.

In manny cases we make connections between external systems, such as CRM databases, mailing tools or specific business-software. Everything about that revolves around the security of the primary company-processes.

Our interaction designers and developrs offer:

  • A strong conceptteam, focussed on the optimal solutions
  • Broad experience with technical complex questions.
  • Creative front-enders that design state of the art apps.
  • 3D specialists that enhance productions with eye-popping content
  • Innovatie capabilites.
2D & 3D Visualisation
When someone says, "Can you show me that again!" you know you created something special. We always keep that in mind.

Burning Light makes visuals that inform, convince and sell. 3D artist impressions are graphic impressions of construtcions. (Realestate, infra, products) which have been designed but not yet physically produced. Our 3D impressions are barely destinguishable from the real deal. Productpresentation for all branches are always visualized photorealisticly by us. In the field of architecture impressions Burning Light is a rising new name.

Soms werkt een gewone tekening beter dan het technisch geavanceerde 3D werk. Onze illustratoren tekenen 2D illustraties zoals cartoons en grafieken in uiteenlopende stijlen.
3D modellen vormen vaak de basis voor een infographic. Dit kan voorkomen in de vorm van een kaart, grafiek, bord, instructieve tekening of een interactieve applicatie. Onze infographics worden gebruikt in nieuws- en achtergrondartikelen, in financiële jaarverslagen, in vervoerssystemen als verklarend beeld, en voor wetenschappelijke of educatieve doeleinden.